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Dance Music Is My Best Friend



Titres de l'album

If You Be Mine : If You Be Mine (Radio Version) Elisabeat 03:21
I Hold On : I Hold On (Radio Edit) Million Colours 03:23
Waiting for the Sun : Waiting for the Sun (Extended Mix) Enaya 04:57
Head up High : Head up High (Skaei Extended Remix) Starlounge 05:25
Again Yaneena 05:22
Beatmaniac : Beatmaniac (Radio Mix) Bassdevils 03:45
Can You Feel It : Can You Feel It (Radio Edit) Skaei 03:59
Do You Feel My Love : Do You Feel My Love (Extended Mix) Mydca 04:21
Break It Down : Break It Down (Radio Edit) The Partystoppers 03:47
We Are the Night : We Are the Night (Radio Version) United States of Dance 03:14