Album picture of Tech-Trx, Vol. 5 (Tech House Selection)

Tech-Trx, Vol. 5 (Tech House Selection)



Titres de l'album

Trumpet and Sax : Trumpet and Sax (Tj Mix) Jack Trump 05:42
Big Drum : Big Drum (Red Alert Mix) Frank Jay 05:43
Natural Love : Natural Love (Le Voyager Mix) Simply Beat 05:50
Gold Level : Gold Level (Professor K Mix) Bank Of Sound 05:48
London Beat : London Beat (P.H.G Main Mix) Piccadilly House Groove 05:44
Sexual Insipiration : Sexual Insipiration (Mistress L Mix) Mistress Lovers 05:44
Lolita Lovers : Lolita Lovers (Brain Mann Mix) File 7 05:44
Progression 22 : Progression 22 (House of Gosts Mix) Super Brain 05:42
Blue Sun : Blue Sun (God & Zilla Mix) Phono File 05:43
Deep Angels : Deep Angels (Freedom Mix) High Level, Frank Lite 05:50