Album picture of Ibiza Chillout Summer 2020

Ibiza Chillout Summer 2020



Titres de l'album

Morombe R. Stecca 04:11
Besame Mucho Romantic Piano Ensemble 03:54
Cocoons (Light Mix) Slow Soul 03:16
Filo a Piombo Piano Player 05:06
In My Eyes (Chillout Beach Mix) Planetary Soul 03:36
Megaian The Sir Project 03:22
The Third Day (Cinematic Mix) Ron Monson 03:58
Your Temptations (Red Flowers Mix) Ther Contact Project 03:33
The Wind Has No Borders (Fresh Mix) Windsor Project 03:54
Our Secret (Platinum Soul's Lounge Mix) Jerry Majenza 03:31