Album picture of Shining Sleep, Vol. 1 (Compiled by Solarsoul)

Shining Sleep, Vol. 1 (Compiled by Solarsoul)



Titres de l'album

First Light (Original Mix) Kristin Amarie 04:57
Waves of Serenity (Original Chillout Soundtrack) Sara Pollino 05:06
My Surreal Dream (Ambient Mix) Angelika Yutt 02:40
Endless Beach Sunset (Original Chillout Mix) Simon G 07:44
Heart & Soul of the Earth (Nale Remix) Solarsoul 05:03
A Wonderful Day for a Walk (Original Chillout Mix) Solarsoul 05:07
One Love (Original Mix) Lukas Termena 05:30
Planet of Love (Native American Style) Sara Pollino 04:28
Never Fade Away (Original Mix) U.O.K. 07:46
Marrakech (Original Mix) Demetrio Da Soto 03:49