Album picture of Ibiza Closing Session 2016

Ibiza Closing Session 2016



Titres de l'album

Till the End : Till the End (Million Colours Remix) Cheap Sunglasses 04:55
The Only Thing : The Only Thing (Club Mix) Prtndr 04:14
Glimpse of Light : Glimpse of Light (Extended Mix) Danny Sinatra 05:23
Be Happy : Be Happy (Club Mix) Ibiza Bitches 06:47
Morning Sun : Morning Sun (Suzie Kju Miami Remix) DJ Absinth 05:18
You Can Have It All : You Can Have It All (Dub Version) Heartville 05:52
I Loved Her in Ibiza : I Loved Her in Ibiza (Club Mix) Bride Factory 06:01
Make Me Feel Home : Make Me Feel Home (Club Mix) Summer Disclosure 07:38
No One Knows : No One Knows (Extended Mix) Blue Curacao 05:54
On Fire : On Fire (Terrace Mix) Destination Soul 06:13