Album picture of Vocal Trance Remedy, Vol. 2

Vocal Trance Remedy, Vol. 2



Titres de l'album

Make Me Wonder (Trancephonic Radio Edit) DJ ROSSO 03:32
Like Candy Dream to Me 06:14
Killer Gianni Paradiso Dj 07:01
No Pressure at All (Massimo Salustri Mix) Onehundred, Marcus Moore 08:36
Nikita Lily (Piano Vs. Synth Mix) Emma Lock, Mark khoen 06:42
At the End (Bruce Cullen Vocal Remix) Joren Heelsing, Roland Sandor, Corún 06:12
By Your Side (Trance Exended Mix) Laurenzo Tozzi 04:14
Tears in My Soul (Radio Edit) Dodo Basnak, Michael Lander, Patris 05:14
Hang Out Maximilian Cope 04:58
Let You Go 2011 (Radio Edit) Blue Tente, Stine Grove 03:10