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Tek-No-logical World, Six



Titres de l'album

Lucky Strike (Who's in the House Mix) Trashing Bizarre 03:50
Disco Beats (House & Piano Mix) Scarred Slab 03:10
Teal Pinky (Montego Mix) Leg Storm 02:53
Second Life (Level 2 Mix) Ouardia Haisma 03:08
Box Future (House Mix) Dank Heroin 03:15
Doggy Stile (Magic J Mix) Ripe Loco 03:19
Dirty Contest (Red Session Mix) Tungsten Reform 03:06
Close Your Eyes (Philler Corporation Mix) Noah Hardy 03:31
Living in the City (House City Mix) Spunk Voyage 02:59
Go Along (House Mix) Phono Display 02:52