Album picture of Solitude, Vol. 8 (Chillout for Singles)

Solitude, Vol. 8 (Chillout for Singles)



Titres de l'album

Got to Do by Chance (Cosmic Sister Mix) Chillout Terrace Beats 03:33
Make It Possible (New Wind Mix) Robert Demarie 03:54
Sunday Song (Wine & Kisses Mix) The Blue Sofa 03:33
Shell It Down (Aperitif Mix) Le Chillout Motel 03:54
Place Heaven (The Chill Remedy's Mix) White Solution Project 04:08
Yours Sincerely (Combined Mix) Don Solaris 03:33
Make It Possible (Sensational Mix) Chill Magic 04:30
3 Minutes or Less (Blonde Mix) Alexius Gabrikov 03:45
Chaos and Calm (Double Identity Mix) Patrik Samuelson 03:54
The Third Day (Cinematic Mix) Ron Monson 03:58