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Social Beats, Vol. 1



Titres de l'album

Ballad of the Midnight (On the Sea Mix) Chillout Marine 03:33
The Wind Has No Borders (Fresh Mix) Windsor Project 03:54
Pale Moonlight (Chillout Mix) Pearls Rhythms 03:33
The Reasons Why (Guess Mix) Air 99 02:52
An Eagle in Flight (Phantasy Zone Mix) Karl Lark 03:33
One Hundred Day of Rain (Right System's Chill Mix) South Dreams 03:33
A Different Life (Long Island Mix) Natural Situation 03:33
Stole the Sunset (Deep Erotic Mix) Desert Stone 03:54
So Close to Heart (Sensuality Mix) Summer Solstice 04:24
Girls of Cardboard (East View Chillout Mix) Manila Beach Ensemble 03:33