Album picture of With Friends (Cocktail Rhythms)

With Friends (Cocktail Rhythms)



Titres de l'album

Au Contraire (George Cutrupo's Xylophonic Jazz Mix) Atmospherical 45 04:48
Dirty Sound (Atlantic Avenue's Soul Mix) Antibe Coast 04:44
Imperfect Love (Night & Hotel Mix) Quantum Jam 03:33
Push the Button (Carisma Mix) Karmo, Charma 03:22
Level Funk (Oscar Barros's Piano Dreaming Mix) Chaz Nelson 04:45
Catarina (Blue Ocean Waves Mix) Louis Camberra 06:21
Bossa Pa Ti (Brazilian Night Mix) Nightbar 03:36
Just Be (Frank Senior's Soul Mix) Ricky Jones 04:44
Cocoons (Light Mix) Slow Soul 03:16
Fire and Works (Gray Eyes Mix) Ryan Wendell 06:08