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Titres de l'album

True Lies (Lawyer Mix) Ron Sander 03:16
Pressure (Herb's Potion) Herb Michel 03:02
Marea (Maj Mix) David Maj 03:06
My New Sound (Jazz Vocal Mix) Love Lounge 03:00
Hot Chocolate (Hot & Lounge Mix) Key of Dreams Fiftheen 03:02
Dithering (Lounge Groove Vibes) Cree Smets 02:58
Chiller (Right Vibes Mix) The Chiller 03:03
Ballad of the Midnight (Chillout Parade Remix) Chillout Marine 03:14
Now Look High (Chill & Deep Mix) Bar Beats Crew 03:11
Sun Rising (Morning Vibes Mix) Tony Cayenne 02:57