Album picture of Downtempo Beats (Electronic Chill Out Lounge Mix)

Downtempo Beats (Electronic Chill Out Lounge Mix)



Titres de l'album

Blue Atlantic (Lo-fi Mix) Mypete 02:06
St. Paul (Chill Lo-Fi Mix) Yanoya 02:53
Here and Now Again (Ibiza Chill Mix) Simplify 04:13
Night Train (Alternative Chill Mix) Silver Beat 04:44
The Nightbird (Nightrip Mix) Green Taboo, Lars Gustavvson 02:41
Waiting Here For You (Downtempo Piano Chill Mix) Hirudo, Soleil Fisher 04:41
Show Me the Love (Chillwave Vocal Mix) College Of Dreams, Camila Future 05:03
Another Day for You (Vocal Lounge Mix) Fluxus, Perry Oxial 04:02
Highway 10 (Electronica Chill Mix) Dream Machine 04:11
The Girl With The Sad Eyes (Lo-fi Cello Mix) Cello-Fi 02:13