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The Crossing

Sanjay Mishra


Titres de l'album

Country and Eastern: country and eastern (studio) Sanjay Mishra, Broto Roy 05:33
Nocturne: I. Takes Two To... (studio) Sanjay Mishra, Ramesh Mishra 04:49
Nocturne: II. Rendezvous Sanjay Mishra 04:22
Nocturne: III. Lullaby (studio2) Sanjay Mishra 02:35
Nocturne: IV. City of Joy (alternate mix) Sanjay Mishra 02:08
The Crossing: prologue Sanjay Mishra, Malashri Prasad 03:18
Manali: none Sanjay Mishra 04:03
Cantico: movement 1 Sanjay Mishra 01:14
Attack of the Killer Bees: none Sanjay Mishra 02:26
Desertscapes: I. By Twilight Sanjay Mishra 04:29