Album picture of Sunset Chillout Lounge Music, Vol. 1

Sunset Chillout Lounge Music, Vol. 1



Titres de l'album

Rainmaker (Jazz Club Edit) Sant Remo 04:35
Budha Emotions (Budha Bar Mix) Oscar Rodriguez 05:32
Shut Your Eyes (Silent Room Mix) Jason Fryer 04:40
Get Down (Orchestral Version) The Sandmaker 05:26
My Dreams (Piano Orchester Edit) Pharell Hingans 03:43
Drive Me to Lounge (Smooth Edit) Mr. Peeet 04:33
Sensational Vibes (Musicbox Edit) One Cafe 06:03
Gravitiy Bells (Feel Free Mix) DJ Cosmos 05:42
Givin' Up (Romantic Long Version) Samantha Goldfield 06:12
Oh My Soul (Gospel Version) G8 Soulbrothers 04:51