Album picture of Disciple 07: Seven Deadly Sins

Disciple 07: Seven Deadly Sins



Titres de l'album

Ultima (Feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) Phaseone, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 03:45
Digital Phaseone, PhaseOne, Periphery, Periphery 03:56
Back With A Vengeance (Gentlemens Club Remix) Dodge & Fuski 03:00
Deconstruction Dirtyphonics 04:46
Trauma Dirtyphonics 03:18
My Vibe Oliverse 04:28
Unspoken (feat. Elle Exxe) Oliverse, Elle Exxe 03:40
Outerworld Oliverse 01:11
Wompum (Macky Gee Remix) Barely Alive, Macky Gee, Barely Alive, Macky Gee 02:57
Arsonist (feat. Virus Syndicate) Phaseone, Barely Alive, PhaseOne, Virus Syndicate, Barely Alive, Virus Syndicate 02:40

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