Luciano VS: A collection of Remixes by Luciano

Playlist Tracks

Fame (Luciano Vocal Remix) Mehari 09:26
Piany Pianino (Luciano Remix) Thylacine 09:09
Llovizna (Luciano Remix) Francisco Allendes, Felipe Venegas 10:33
Acid Track (Luciano Remix) DJ Pierre, Phuture 08:17
The Women From Balkan Feat. Dejan Andjelovic (Luciano Remix) Ezikiel, Dejan Andjelovic 08:31
No Ufo's (Luciano Remix) Model 500 14:39
Brain Freeze (Luciano Remix) Tres Demented 08:19
Esperanza (Luciano Flow Latino Mix) Luciano, David Morales 16:45
Silverspoon (Luciano Remix) Memo 10:58
The Rift Valley (Luciano Remix) Rebelski 06:32
Gipsy-Q (Luciano Remix) Mirko Loko 10:36
Maayancholy (Luciano Remix) Cesar Merveille, Guti 16:18
Honolulu (Luciano's Liliuokalani Remix) Digitaline 15:00
Uruana (Luciano Remix) Reboot 10:20
Animals (Luciano Remix) Minilogue 11:16
Crazy Place (Luciano remix) Dave Aju, Luciano 10:46
Getting Late (Luciano Remix) Los Updates 09:45
Love Dose (Luciano Remix) Argy 06:44
Yamore (Remixed by Luciano) Salif Keita 07:21
Wortkabular (Luciano Remix) Robag Wruhme 09:41
Can't Take It (Luciano's Remix) Dwele, Recloose, Dwele & Recloose 12:48
Five Moons (feat. Chela) (Luciano Remix) Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, Chela 08:25
ARP (Luciano’s Sous Le Sol Remix, Extended Digital Version) Ryan Crosson, Cesar Merveille 09:44
Soy Como Soy : Soy Como Soy (Luciano Remix) Makossa & Megablast, Cleydys Villalon 11:48
Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now!!! (Luci Gets Loco Remix By Luciano) Loco Dice 10:05
Can't Stop Not (Luciano Remix) Jerome Sydenham, Rune 20:05
Love Is at Your Side (Luciano Remix) Basement Jaxx 13:29
Words Gone (Luciano Remix) Popof, Arno Joey 11:50
Amate: Tributo a Jorge González Luciano 03:57