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The music you love, as it's meant to be heard

Get personally curated recommendations or find your favourite music from millions of songs. Enjoy Flow, your personal soundtrack, or explore handcrafted collections by genre. And hear it how the artists intended, in CD-quality FLAC, on the desktop app or your soundsystem, including those supporting Google Cast and Google Assistant.

Technically better in every way

When a song is compressed for MP3s or streaming, an algorithm removes bits from it to make the file smaller. Regular streaming and MP3s stream at 320 kbps, which is enough for your ears to understand the song, but HiFi streams at 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz of FLAC quality, so you can hear all the bits that existed with the original analog audio sources.
It's like putting your glasses on, but for your ears.


320 kbps

Compressed and lossy


16-bit 1,411 kbps

CD quality, lossless audio

Made for your home

We've designed HiFi for great soundsystems from our partners, so you can fill your home with incredible sound:

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52 million tracks

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