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DARDUST is a new Italian instrumental music project that combines the piano atmospheres of minimalism with the avant-gardist electronic music world. DARDUST is an ensemble created by the pianist and composer Dario Faini who started writing minimalist themes, enhanced after with soundscapes and textures created by the string trio of Carmelo Emanuele Patti, Simone Sitta and Simone Giorgini and blended together with electronics by the producer and multi-instrumentalist Vanni Casagrande. DARDUST is a mission that crosses the geographical/musical axis of Berlin- Reykjavic and London. Starting from Berlin with the recording of the first album "7" in the Funkhaus studios, a suggestive place which is still characterized by a unique atmosphere and a clear temporal connotation, the mission will continue through these fascinating cities to unfold other chapters of this endearing musical trilogy.