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Fireworks (I'm The One) ATEEZ 03:29
Answer ATEEZ 03:39
Say My Name ATEEZ 03:42
Pirate King ATEEZ 03:15
The Real ATEEZ 03:10
Wave ATEEZ 03:23
Promise ATEEZ 03:15

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On October 24 th 2018 the world of K-pop was introduced to its most exciting new boyband act named ‘ATEEZ’. This introduction happened through the release of the ‘TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero’, an EP that signifies the first chapter of an exciting and interactive adventure in which fans are invited to strap in and join the band on the start of their musical career. ATEEZ consists of 8 members who both individually and collectively connect with fans on a multitude of levels. The band is made up of Hong Joong, team leader, rapper and composer; Seong Hwa, vocals; Yun Ho, vocals and choreographer; Yeo Sang, vocals and choreographer; San, main vocals; Min Gi, rapper and choreographer; Woo Young, vocals and choreographer; and Jong Ho, main vocals. A variety of performance videos have already garnered the attention of fans across the world, leading to ATEEZ hosting their very first fan event before any official music release. Furthermore, the Mnet reality show ‘Code Name is ATEEZ’ gave fans a glimpse of the band’s debut story and what goes on behind the scenes of their quest to become the perfect boyband. The world of ATEEZ is made up of incredible performances, fantastic music productions and truly unique and engaging personalities. So sit back and join ATEEZ on what is going to be a truly epic voyage.