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Stella Solaris Der Waldläufer 04:51
Klare Wasser Der Waldläufer 04:29
Azure Lauge, Der Waldläufer 04:40
Morgenfrisk Der Waldläufer, Lauge 03:11
Flores Der Waldläufer 04:41
Iris Der Waldläufer 03:48
Inyourmind Der Waldläufer, Baobao 04:56
Water Moon Der Waldläufer 05:01


Cheers, I'm Der Waldläufer and I create organic ~ electronic downtempo music. I'm a musician, producer & radio host. My artist name Der Waldläufer can be translated with "A guy who walks trough the forrest". I'm looking for inner peace and silence in a hectic world. I like to travel through the world and through the inner universe, the result of these journeys converted into music can be described as a relaxed | positive | floating | calm | atmospheric | deep | peaceful | refreshing listening experience.