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Successful DJs are privileged to travel all over Planet Earth. They dip into many more cultures than most of us experience in our whole lives. Yet how many explore this opportunity? How many look beyond their own electronic micro-genres to other traditions? How many absorb the thrill of global music into their own? The list is short, and topping it right now is Damian Lazarus and his new band, the Ancient Moons. “I’ve travelled to so many exotic, faraway places as a DJ,” he says, “In each city I spend time in record stores, I listen to the radio, I talk to people. My ears are always on the alert. I make notes. I’m quite studious about it, building a new framework of music to play with. One of the best-loved artists of all time is Bob Marley - his music came from a particular place outside the mainstream, with a particular sound, but it connected. Yes, the 4/4 sound of house and techno connects everywhere but there’s room for something more. I needed to move from the technical to the more organic and musical. Once I realised this I went in search of people to collaborate with.” The resulting album, ‘Message From the Other Side’, is a revelation. It runs the gamut from the wonderful Qawwali-flavoured techno of the single ‘Lovers Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)’ to the African-tinged house of ‘Sacred Dance of the Demon’ to the dense dark ambient of ‘Inner Core’, and a whole lot else. It’s a truly original piece of music from a DJ-producer always driven by a desire to break new ground and, as importantly, have fun with such adventures.