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Jay Toledo was born and raised in Miami. His DJ sets and original productions have been influenced by his city’s historical diversity in music and its role in the evolution of what dance music has grown into today. In early 2000, he discovered electronic music. In no time, he was addicted. Aside from Miami’s vibes, Jay has always had a special place in his heart for Rock N’ Roll, metal to be more specific. This inclination towards the darker realm of rock, is evident in Jay’s connection with Techno. It’s the chest-caving drums, hypnotizing synths and heart-pounding basslines that feed his soul. Venturing into the local club scene and listening to the music, he often found himself creating melodies and rhythms of his own. Soon after, his desire to pursue music creation and performance became very real. Working relentlessly, he earned his place within the electronic music scene. His selections keep you moving to his signature obscure, middle-eastern laced, hypnotic vibes. His delivery is unpredictable and he loves it that way. Having played most of the local venues, and earning a local reputation, Jay has now taken his sound internationally and sharing his passion with cultures outside of his own.