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Waves (feat. Grace Tither) Blond:ish, Grace Tither 03:22
Bana Malone, The Kimonos, Blond:ish 06:20
Laberinto feat. Bahramji Blond:ish 11:20
Wizard of Love Blond:ish, Shawni 10:08
Bana Malone, The Kimonos, Blond:ish 04:27
Mr. Grammarticalogylisationalism Boss Blond:ish, Fela Kuti 07:09
Give Dem (feat. Kah-Lo) Diplo, Blond:ish, Kah-lo 05:27
Wizard of Love Blond:ish, Shawni 03:56
Mayan Caravam Blond:ish 07:48
Wizard of Love Blond:ish, Shawni 06:47

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Vivie-Ann Bakos steps into 2019 flying the BLOND:ISH flag solo, bringing a newly individual joy and spirituality through solo performances and recordings. 2018 was truly the Year of BLOND:ISH: the birth of the ABRACADABRA label, the blossoming of ABRA events including a stage at Tomorrowland, yet another stand-out Burning Man set, label debuts including Warung and EXIT Strategy, regular international slots at Circoloco, Ibiza residencies with WooMoon, Black Coffee and at Scorpios Mykonos... Vivie-Ann and Anstascia D'Elene Corniere grasped every star they’ve reached for, and always in their own inimitable style. Combining brilliant entrepreneurship with environmental activism, Vivie-Ann has continually challenged herself and the music community. Last year BLOND:ISH helmed a ‘sustainable raving’ movement which led to the hugely successful beach clean in Ibiza with locals and environmentalists. Vivie-Ann also appeared on IMS and ADE Green panels to discuss the issues, along with the imminent launch of her Bye Bye Plastics initiative. This new phase of BLOND:ISH is already reaching new heights, with a new remix of Black Coffee’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ on Ultra Music, and her Coachella debut.