Album picture of #deephouse Music Factory - Vol.3

#deephouse Music Factory - Vol.3

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Moon Sabe Nada (Suspended Mix) Blue Verhanda 03:50
Electro Dance (Miami Beach Mix) Dr. Drummer 07:20
In the Black Moneydrop (Chillhouse Mix) Francis Demetrius 04:10
Sounds in the World (Worldwide Mix) Deep System 03:54
Lover Wather (Girls and Sun Mix) Miami Night Grooves 03:50
Point of Breack (Deep Mix) Plattform 8 03:50
Green Energy Developer Foundation 03:43
Low Smoking (Cocorito's Groove) Beach Sonoric 03:52
Paradigma Sample (The View Mix) Disko Deep 03:54
Club Tokeville (Deep Rising Mix) Le Club 03:34