Album picture of Soulful Deep, Vol. 5

Soulful Deep, Vol. 5

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Going to the Up (New York City Mix) James Morris 03:33
With Eyes Closed (Mark Dacosta's House Mix) Armand Tee 03:34
Oh Baby Baby (Babylon Mix) Deep Spaces 03:34
I Feel Baby (Massive Deep Mix) Deep Voyager 03:27
You See Man (Deep Style Mix) Chrisopher Torres 03:34
Level 3 (Balearic Night Mix) St. Tropez Deep Ensemble 03:32
Spicy Man (Jazz Cat Mix) Modell & Mercier 03:34
My Rhythm (Sunset Section Mix) Malcom Nelson 03:34
On I Va (Grand Mix) Sam Bount 03:42
Fell the Love (Carl Kobra's Deep Mix) House Kingz 03:30