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The Last Ditch Redemption



Album Tracks

As I Dug Myself Deeper Into Trouble, The Darkness Swallowed Me Whole. Frankenbok 00:36
Dig Frankenbok 03:21
I Crossed the Line. and Was Exiled. Rejected. Alone Frankenbok 00:38
This Monster My Son Frankenbok 03:42
The Walls Closed, And the Voices in My Head Were Telling Me I'm Guilty. Guilty. Guilty Frankenbok 04:05
The Other Side of Hell Frankenbok 02:04
All Those Bridges That I Burnt Lit the Way Home Frankenbok 00:39
The Last Ditch Redemption Frankenbok 05:30
I Have a Second Chance and I'm Not Gonna Blow It. I Hope Frankenbok 08:48