Album picture of House Selection (30 Tracks Edition)

House Selection (30 Tracks Edition)

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Bad to the Bone (Plastique Soul's Deep Mix) Velvet & Merrill 03:14
You (Club Mix) Filler Corporation 03:17
Freur (Double Groove Mix) Sixt Sector 03:14
You Can't Hurry (Bar Groove Mix) Frank Fermo 03:16
House Maniac (Freedom Mix) Robert Sonn 03:15
Last Dance Night (Tokyo Mix) Alfred Greytto 03:15
Pure Gold (Sunset Mix) David Maxter 03:14
Just Can't Get You (V6 House Mix) Baron & Jag 03:15
Paradise Kill (Deep Regular Mix) Tuscany Beats 03:15
So Close to Me (The Factory Mix) Black Garden 03:17