Album picture of Elektronische Kompositionen

Elektronische Kompositionen

Dee C'rell


Album Tracks

Form 1 Dee C'rell, Richelle Claiborne, Audun Waage 07:50
Looping At the Spree Dee C'rell 05:20
East Dee C'rell, Franz Hautzinger 05:42
Edifs Tale Dee C'rell, Lost Room 04:49
The Ballad of Love Dee C'rell, Richelle Claiborne 05:24
Letters from Chicago Dee C'rell 06:07
Berlin Dee C'rell 06:23
Hymn from Journeyman Dee C'rell 06:08
Don't Ever Leave Myself I Dee C'rell 05:37
Together Dee C'rell, Richelle Claiborne, Neil Stalnaker 05:53