Album picture of Spring Lounge 2018 - Sounds Like Sunshine

Spring Lounge 2018 - Sounds Like Sunshine

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Warm Memories (Sunny Day Mix) Mahoroba 04:39
Love is in the Air (Cool Down Mix) Emotional 05:32
Citygames (Lovely Area Mix) Pascal Dubois 04:06
Mysterious Ayutthaya (Buddha Deluxe Mix) Sean Hayman, ANONG 05:11
Shirona (The Drugstore Mix) Groove Gauchos 05:21
Flyway (Summer of Love Mix) Cinematic 06:28
Azur Blue (Jazzy James Junior Cut) DJ Maretimo, Cafe Americaine 05:42
Aurora (Red Light Cut) Island Sun 05:41
Just for One Day (The Magic Field Cut) Frank Borell 04:43
Birds over the Sea (Endless Ocean Mix) Vladi Strecker 06:55