Album picture of Spring Lounge 2012

Spring Lounge 2012

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Towards the Edge (Pianodream Mix) The Man Behind C. 05:58
The Lovers Theme (Non Vocal Mix) In Credo 04:58
Downflyer (Spacevocalist Mix) Cocogroove 08:30
Natural Beauty (Piano Well Mix) Frank Borell 05:35
This Time (Sunrise Mix) Green Lemon, OLIVER 06:11
Fading Sunshine (Horizon Mix) Floating Clouds 05:57
The Love Scene (Chill Trip Mix) Pascal Dubois 04:56
The Reason (Vocal Mix) Skindive Inc. 05:22
Cry (Vocal Mix) Patrick Marsh 06:29
Morphing Thru Melody (Wide Space Mix) Frank Borell 05:25