Album picture of Gay Happening: Best Cover Hits

Gay Happening: Best Cover Hits

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Rhythm Is a Dancer (Rap Festival Mix) Damon Paul, Simone Mangiapane, Tony T. 03:30
Mary Had a Little Boy (Steve Cypress & Pit Bailay Remix) K.K. Project, Felicia Uwaje 04:46
Never Gonna Give You Up (Radio Version) Jerome Walker 03:22
Male Stripper (David Strong & Sanfrandisko Remix Edit) Man 2 Man 03:31
Return to Innocence (Radio Version) Jason Parker, Crizzn 03:20
Boogie Wonderland (Mike Silence Remix) Miloud & Grimaldo 05:12
You're a Superstar (Vortecs Radio Mix) Jemma 03:22
Love Can't Turn Around (Club Mix) DJM, Isaac Roosevelt 04:47
Wicked Game (Steve Cypress & Pit Bailay Remix) Patricio AMC 05:44
Living on Video (Radio Mix) Naxwell 04:00