Album Tracks

The Science Of Deep Minimal Rigal Blu 03:42
Galaxy Vision Sci Fi (Tech House With Vocal Fx) Ivy Techno 03:08
Energy Dream (Chill House Session) DJ Taus 03:52
Galaxy Dies Sci Fi (Deep House With Male Voice) Pete Petrishchev 04:18
Chill Thrill (Deep Tech House) Advic - D 03:37
Funky Bass (Underground Tech House) Olsen Clay 02:31
Portable Joy (Deep House With Vocal Fx) Mike Ozona 03:08
Energetic Beats (Tech House With Vocal Chops) DJ MNX 03:15
Space Exploration Sci Fi (Minimal Tech House) Rigal Blu 02:52
Burning Meteorite Sci Fi (Minimal Tech House) Tech Riizmo 04:07