Album Tracks

Like An Angel (Chill Hop) The Redd One, Loner Wolf 02:41
Somewhere Above The Skies (Dark Sci Fi Ambiance) COSMK 03:14
Cosmic Journey (Space Chillout) Void Psych 04:37
Cold As Ice (Chill Trip Trance) Liquid Ambiance 02:40
Sensual Oil Massage (Sci-Fi Future Relax) Mystical Guide 04:05
Caressing (Chillout Divine Lounge) Mystical Guide 04:24
Ratnatraya (Indian Ethnic Lounge) Void Psych 03:21
In Love With Solitude (Ethnic Ambient Chill) Divyesh 03:48
A Passionate Lit (Ethnic Chillout) Kastor 03:24
Burning Desire (Chill Hop) Loner Wolf, Pause & Play 03:54