Album picture of Amsterdam 2020 Music Connection

Amsterdam 2020 Music Connection

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Witchcraft (Houseworking Mix) Mistique 70 09:42
Summer Days (Beats 01’S Mix) Brain 500 03:53
Doggy Stile (Magic J Mix) Ripe Loco 03:19
Improvident (Ibiza Groove Mix) The Counterfeit 03:04
Crazy Loco (Locomotive Mix) Double Mc 05:15
Full Robot (High Pressure Mix) North Rhythms 03:58
My Philosophy (Tek No Logic Mix) The Konte 03:33
Push Your Mind (Groovetech Mix) Spilled Knight 04:14
Machine Revolution (Automatic Mix) Robot 44 03:05
The Ridel (A Soul Mix) Toxic Beats 03:04