Album picture of Glitter Club, Vol. 7 (House Class)

Glitter Club, Vol. 7 (House Class)

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Bounty (Bassline Mix) Rich Fox 04:01
Take a Chance (London Grooves House Mix) Martin Berlin 03:44
My Mind (Mark Beautiful's Essential Deephouse Mix) Olographic Soul 04:01
You Are (Beach & Martini Mix) Anthony Chocco 04:01
Let the Moove (Modell & Mercier's Deep Mix) Brothers Inda Deep 03:35
B Bass (Jay Loyal's Underwaves Mix) Spuma Beach 04:00
Cometa (Shining & Deep Mix) Beta Project 03:24
Give Up (Satoshy Hiko's Deep Mix) Edward Alone, Dea Anderson 04:04
9 A.M. (Grand Hotel Deephouse Mix) More Soul 04:01
Drop It (Fashion Nights Mix) Dee Drop 03:32